16:19 <@tehloki> man there was this logic puzzle on futility closet that was like, "what can you give somebody one of and they'll be thankful, but if you give them two of it they'll hate you"
16:19 <@tehloki> and the answer was ends of a rope
16:19 <@tehloki> but another better answer is a barely-subcritical chunk of uranium
16:19 <@dmd> ...
16:19 <@lysol> lol
16:19 <@dmd> i don't get the rope thing
16:19 <@tehloki> if they're in a hole and they need to get out
16:19 <@esch> lol
16:19 <@dmd> that wasn't specified
16:19 <@tehloki> and you give them one end of a rope
16:19 <@tehloki> and pull them up
16:19 <@esch> hahah
16:20 <@tehloki> it's a lateral thinking puzzle
16:20 <@tehloki> its supposed to be obtuse
16:20 <@esch> this is like tehloki+dmd prime
16:20 <@krrrlson> this is the best conversation we've had here in days
16:20 <@krrrlson> maybe weeks
16:20 <@esch> guys there's a new Pissed Jeans album
16:20 <@shmup> lollin