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Your Name: Megan MacLennan
Your Age: 17
Character: Megan, Bonnie
Race: Evil Human, Evil Saiyan
Z-Fighter: Gogeta, Older Gohan, Future Trunks (younger one) (ALL SEXY!)
Villain: Yajarobi (the Wimp), Majin Vegeta (The Badass), Self-Destruct Cell (The Ugly), Zarbon (The Beautiful)
Technique: Battle of Wills (final fight between Cell and Gohan)
One Liner: Raditz: Hey Kid! Where did all your power go?!
Your Name: Daniel Nicolai
Your Age: 20
Webpage: VampGage
Character: Gage
Race: Evil Human
Z-Fighter: Master Roshi
Villain: The Ginyu Force
Technique: Frieza's Finger Blast (the one that wiped the hencies in the Bardock movie.
One Liner: Gohan at his first day of school said, "I have to be careful not to show off my powers, most kids can't do what I can do!" Gohan than procedes in catching a 30 foot pop fly and lands on the ground with an aura.
Your Name: Jared Miller
Your Age: 17
Character: Hash
Race: Human
Z-Fighter: Piccolo
Villain: Vegitta
Technique: Destructo Disc
One Liner: "The Piccolo that you know is gone! I am The Namek. And you...well, you're history."
Your Name: Rich
Your Age: 18
Character: Gotrunks, FallenLove
Race: Human, Evil Saiyan
Z-Fighter: Piccolo
Villain: Cooler
Technique: Rougafufuken
One Liner: When Babidi flips Piccolo Off
Your Name: James
Your Age: 17
Character: LordSoth
Race: Super Saiyan
Z-Fighter: Goku
Villain: Shinlong
Technique: Rougafufuken
One Liner: ((cells laugh)) let me get one thing understood, did i just hear you say that you were gonna kill me?, how do you intend to carry out this threat?
Your Name: Bill
Your Age: 32
Character: Viper, Ravege, OldManBill
Race: Saiyan, Human, Android
Z-Fighter: Android 18
Villain: Cooler (4th Form)
Technique: Eyelaser / Rougafufuken
One Liner: I am to old for this shit
Your Name: Jared
Your Age: 17
Webpage: ViOlen7j
Character: Fear/Oswald
Race: Android
Z-Fighter: Trunks
Villain: Yamcha(DBall)
Technique: Assimilate =)
One Lineriner : "There is nothing to Fear, but Fear himself."(That is mine not in DBZ)
Your Name: Ryan Graff
Your Age: 20
Character: Riyu
Race: Saiyan
Z-Warrior: Vegeta
Villian: Frieza
Technique: Big Bag Kamehameha
One Liner: Vegeta "How could i have been beatin by such a low class warrior!?
Your Name:Jesse
Your Age:13
Character: Jcet, Jket, Raiden, JcetBot
Race: Evil Saiyan, Nameikan, Human, Evil Android
Z-Wighter: Trunks
Villian: Frieza
Technique:Final KameHameHa
One Liner: [Android 17 claps] Beautiful speach

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